what drives us

Our Mission

Choona was created to disrupt the tide of the clothing industry. We wanted to see the process, feel the blends, and know the hands that create our product. Manufactured here in the USA, we hope you can find pride knowing that every Choona purchase is ethically sourced with sustainable materials.

What Does That Mean?

The definitions can vary based on who you ask, but here's what it means to us:

  • We don't give a dime to sweatshops, and our workers work in clean, safe environments in the USA!
  • We strive to make every product with a blend of organic, recycled, and repurposed materials, keeping as much as possible in your closet rather than in landfills.

What Inspires Us

We are more than just clothing, we are cultivating a community. Inspired by the Emerald Coast, the Choona lifestyle is for the modern outdoorsman. The fisherman, hunter, surfer, or hiker who wants to live every day to the fullest. We built Choona for those who want to choose their own nature, wherever they are. It’s about being in the places you love with the people you love most. We just make sure you look good when you get there.

Give Back

We have partnered with Give30A, a nonprofit that helps meet the needs in our local community and afar. Our current project is providing meals to malnourished kids in Nicaragua and we are committed to feeding as many mouths as possible. Each garment sold provides 5 meals to children in Leon, Nicaragua.